1. Arrive at Mall of America.  The East Parking ramp is closest.  We are located on the first floor, S104
  2. Once you arrive, head to the southeast corner (take a left when entering the mall from the east ramp) towards LL Bean, Forever 21 and Crayola Experience. We are on the first floor in the corner, S104, by LL Bean and Forever 21, below Crayola Experience.
  3. We have just one location being shared by all of our Santas.
  4. Below is a map for your reference.
  5. Upon arrival at The Santa Experience, be sure to check in at the entrance for your visit.

Map to The Santa Experience

How it works

  1. Choose your favorite Santa and type of visit to schedule your experience.
  2. Contact us with any questions.  We are here to help…that’s why we are called “helpers”
  3. If you have any ideas or requests to enhance your experience with us, let us know prior to your visit.  We’ll do what we can to try and accommodate you.
  4. Arrive at your Santa Experience location and check in for your Covid-safe in-person visit.  For virtual visits, be sure to click your zoom link to enter Santa’s waiting room on your scheduled day and time.
  5. Join the waiting area.  There may be a short wait as you booked an “arrival” time and not a specific “appointment” time.  
  6. In 2021 we are booking 25% less Santa visits to mitigate a crowded store.   It’s almost your turn to see Santa! Do you remember what you’re going to ask Santa for?
  7. Time to see Santa! Relax and enjoy a unique, safe interaction and more private visit with Santa in-person or virtually. Interacting with Santa is typically 3-5 minutes long depending on the age, number of kids and/or how the visit is going.  Sometimes longer, sometimes less.
  8. In 2021,  all In-person visits will be a “no-contact” experience with Santa which means no hugs, kisses and high-fives like usual, but rather a fun interaction and visit with Santa at his North Pole log cabin.  You’ll visit Santa in a winter scene from outside his big picture cabin window while Santa sits inside.  Same fun, photos and video…just different.
  9. After your In-person visit, view the photos and video of your Santa visit with the assistance of a Santa helper.  After your virtual visit, a Santa video of your recorded visit will be produced and delivered to you digitally within 24 hours.
  10. Choose from a variety of Christmas merchandise in our store or on our website: Frames, snow globes, ornaments, keychains, etc.
  11. Finalize your purchases and please let us know what else we can do for you to ensure your experience was a fun and positive one.
  12. Merry Christmas!  See you next year…with less restrictions hopefully.  😉🤞