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Santa Jon Answers His Favorite Christmas Questions!

Santa Jon is anxiously awaiting the first snowstorm! It’s the first sign Christmas time is nearing, which means he will soon get to see all his favorite children!


Why We Love Santa Jon

Santa Jon truly loves what he does, and it shows. With his calm demeanor, Santa Jon brings smiles to the faces of even the shyest children. He is straight out of a Christmas storybook and you expect his reindeer to be waiting just outside.


What Is Santa Jon’s All-Time Favorite Christmas Song?

While he enjoys all of the holiday classics, Up on the Housetop is his all-time favorite. It’s a very fitting song as he spends all of Christmas Eve sliding down chimneys and delivering presents.


What Are Santa Jon’s Favorite Christmas Snacks?

Santa Jon is grateful for any type of cookies that are left for him near the Christmas tree. Santa Jon loves to leave candy canes in all the children’s Christmas stockings.  Did you know reindeer love candy canes?  When Santa Jon finds a broken candy cane, he saves it for the reindeer as a snack when they fly on Christmas Eve.


What Does Santa Jon Enjoy Most About His Job?

Santa Jon loves hearing children’s ideas for toys. He never ceases to be amazed by how creative kids can be. Santa Jon takes mental notes and transfers the knowledge to the elves back at the workshop.


What Is Santa Jon’s Message to All?

Santa Jon has a special message for all the boys and girls and their loved ones. He wishes for all to stay safe and be brave facing all the new changes in their lives. Santa still wants you to do your homework, clean your rooms and brush your teeth. He also wants everyone to know that he’ll be making his stops on Christmas Eve, of course.


What Makes a Good Santa?

Being the best Santa is about having a pure heart and channeling the Christmas spirit in everything you do. It’s essential to carry the goodness of the holidays into the rest of the year. Santa Jon lives by this year-round.


The Santa Experience with Santa Jon

The Santa Experience is a special way to celebrate Christmas with your family. With an in-person Santa visit in the Mall of America (Store N150) and the new opportunity to have a virtual visit with your favorite Santa, spots will fill fast as soon as reservations become available. This year, bookings for The Santa Experience will start on October 28.


The Santa Experience revolves around children’s love for Santa. It is an event you can cherish with your family. This year, you can opt for a virtual Santa visit if you prefer visiting Santa from the comfort of your home.

November 17th, 2020|

The Santa Experience was created in 2007 and works tirelessly to share the spirit of Christmas by creating a unique, more private and quality virtual or in-person Santa interaction for families and children of all ages.  We focus on what children care about most…their visit with Santa.

Our genuine Santas bring an unparalleled level of talent, warmth, and positivity to make all visitors feel special when they visit our personally decorated Santa locations. Countless families have made The Santa Experience a holiday tradition, returning year after year and growing up with the same Santa.