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Santa Larry Answers His Favorite Christmas Questions

Get to Know Santa Larry: The Santa Experience

Is there a better way to gear up for Christmas than with a visit to Santa? Santa Larry doesn’t think so! In his years of bringing joy to children and families, Santa Larry is all about spreading Christmas cheer.


Why We Love Santa Larry

Santa Larry is a staple of The Santa Experience. He is a military veteran that has traded his uniform for his beloved Santa suit. Santa Larry’s life is one of giving to others while only expecting smiles and happiness in return!


Santa Larry Answers His Favorite Christmas Questions


What Is Santa Larry’s Favorite Dessert?

Santa Larry’s favorite treat is his “Christmas Passion” dessert. However, even though he loves his sweets, he never neglects eating fruits and vegetables. He needs to stay healthy and spread the word on eating a balanced diet. After all, he needs to be fit so that he can travel all over the world delivering presents!


What Is Santa Larry’s All-Time Favorite Christmas Song?

Santa Larry is always listening to Christmas music. His favorite song, of course, is Jingle Bells, and you can always hear him singing it.


What Does Santa Larry Enjoy About His Job?

Santa Larry never gets tired of singing Christmas cheer and interacting with children. Their smiles give Santa Larry great happiness and fill him with energy.


What Is Santa Larry’s Message to All?

Christmas is about spending time with family and reflecting on how we can all become better at serving others. Santa Larry’s special message is to love one another. When there is love, any problem can be overcome.


What Does Being Santa Mean to Santa Larry?

Being a good Santa is more than putting on a flashy red suit. Christmas is more than just presents and food. Spending time with family and being grateful for the people in our lives is a key ingredient of the holiday spirit. Santa Larry brings smiles to people’s faces and makes The Santa Experience a memorable one for children and adults alike.


The Santa Experience With Santa Larry

The Santa Experience is a special way to celebrate Christmas with your family. With an in-person Santa visit in the Mall of America (Store N150) and the new opportunity to have a virtual visit with your favorite Santa, spots will fill fast as soon as reservations become available. This year, bookings for The Santa Experience will start on October 28.

The Santa Experience revolves around children’s love for Santa. It is an event you can cherish with your family. This year, you can opt for a virtual Santa visit if you prefer visiting Santa from the comfort of your home.

November 30th, 2020|

The Santa Experience was created in 2007 and works tirelessly to share the spirit of Christmas by creating a unique, more private and quality virtual or in-person Santa interaction for families and children of all ages.  We focus on what children care about most…their visit with Santa.

Our genuine Santas bring an unparalleled level of talent, warmth, and positivity to make all visitors feel special when they visit our personally decorated Santa locations. Countless families have made The Santa Experience a holiday tradition, returning year after year and growing up with the same Santa.