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Santa Sam Answers His Favorite Christmas Questions

What’s that you hear? The soft rattling of jingle bells, the shuffling of winter boots and the faint chuckle of a man who’s filled to the brim with Christmas spirit? Well then it must be Santa Sam!

Why We Love Santa Sam
Santa Sam lives in the North Pole but winters in Minnesota as he just can’t get enough of those cold winter nights and snuggly fireplace visits. He has a memorable way of spreading Christmas joy and that’s with an approachable smile, an open and inclusive demeanor and most importantly, a lively and fun, improvisational style that will bring giggles to the whole family.

Santa Sam Answers His Favorite Christmas Questions

What Is Santa Sam’s Favorite Meal?
Many families have a turkey dinner for Christmas. In Santa Sam’s home, the meal of choice is a good Christmas ham! And it just wouldn’t be Christmas for him without Mrs. Clause’s famous eggnog latte in one hand and a good old slice of pumpkin pie in the other. No need for napkins! These treats keep him energized for his trip around the world, delivering presents to all the good children from Minnesota to Morocco, from Idaho to Italy.

What Does Santa Sam Do to Unwind?
Bringing presents to the children of the world is an exhausting job, and sometimes, Santa Sam needs to relax like anyone else! Luckily, he has a few go-tos, like binge-watching Christmas rom-coms with Mrs. Clause, taking his pup on snowy winter walks and alphabetizing his Christmas vinyl collection.

What Does Santa Sam Enjoy Most About His Job?
Santa Sam’s favorite part about his job is watching the kids that come to see him grow up over the years and turn into amazing young humans! He has been a part of the Santa Experience since 2016 and you better get used to him – because he loves being Santa so much that he plans on being around for a long, long time.

What Is Santa Sam’s Message to All?
Santa Sam’s special message to all his families is to be extra nice and patient with one another during this difficult year (and always!). It’s so important to approach one another with understanding, love and support. All we have in this life is each other, and we should all try to lift each other up each and every day.

What Does Being a Good Santa Mean?
Being a good Santa means truly listening to children — with your whole heart and two big ears! It means being aware of how a child is feeling, and working to match their energy to make them feel comfortable and at home during this experience. It means being one of the best parts of a family’s holiday season, and it means never forgetting – for even one second – how lucky it is to be Santa.


The Santa Experience with Santa Sam

The Santa Experience is a special way to celebrate Christmas with your family. With an in-person Santa visit in the Mall of America (Store N150) and the new opportunity to have a virtual visit with your favorite Santa, spots will fill fast as soon as reservations become available. This year, bookings for The Santa Experience will start on October 28.

The Santa Experience revolves around children’s love for Santa. It is an event you can cherish with your family. This year, you can opt for a virtual Santa visit if you prefer visiting Santa from the comfort of your home.

November 24th, 2020|

The Santa Experience was created in 2007 and works tirelessly to share the spirit of Christmas by creating a unique, more private and quality virtual or in-person Santa interaction for families and children of all ages.  We focus on what children care about most…their visit with Santa.

Our genuine Santas bring an unparalleled level of talent, warmth, and positivity to make all visitors feel special when they visit our personally decorated Santa locations. Countless families have made The Santa Experience a holiday tradition, returning year after year and growing up with the same Santa.